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Secondary Spill Containment


imageFor successful secondary spill containment under vehicles, tanks, drums, trucks and other potentially harmful materials, Portable Tanks, a division of GEI Works offers several robust, flexible and portable options. For storage under vehicles or moving machinery, items like aluminum angle and foam wall berms can be an excellent choice. For larger or more compact containment, open top onion tanks and frame tanks are also available. Please feel free to browse through the selection below to find the best option for your location.


Berms and Secondary Containment Tanks

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Ground Cloth Containment

Ground cloth is the perfect option for containment and use under various items including berms and flexible tanks. Options help protect against abrasion, heat, wear and tear.
Secondary Spill Containment

Secondary Spill Containment Berm

Aluminum Angle Berms are some of more robust containment options and offer an increased wall height of 1 ft. for containment of liquids.Perfect for sites requiring 110% spill containment of a product.
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Drive Through
Spill Berms

Drive through containment berms are an easy way to move vehicles and equipment on and off of the berm.
Frame Tank

Foam Wall

Foam wall berms are a favorite for any application involving vehicles or containment. Walls are available in heights of 4", 6" or 8", as needed.
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The onion tank is an alternative collapsible tank design that features an open top and fast setup. Tanks can be placed under vehicles for fast response to spills.
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Similar to the onion tank, the emergency frame tank is great for fast response situations. While it is typically used for fire fighting efforts, it can also be used for decontamination, oil spill cleaning, and response to spills.
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The secondary containment pillow tanks are large storage tanks for the storage of hazardous or contaminated materials.
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Mini Spill

The mini berm is the smallest berm available, starting at the size as small as 2' x 2' x 4". It can be used very much like containment tray, with the added factor of being flexible and easy to store.

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Spill Containment Products

imageSpill Containment Products are designed to provide you with the containment necessary for your industrial facility, construction site, or other storage location. Items, such as the berms and liners, are often made with ability for vehicles to drive over the unit to arrive in the center of the liner or berm material. This has equipped these product for larger weights, larger machines, and large capacity pillow tanks.

As stated previously, these liners and berms are made with materials similar or equivalent to the ones used on our collapsible storage tanks. This gives them ability to be used for oil, chemicals, water, and other contaminated materials. Typical uses for these secondary spill containment products include:

  • Secondary Containment Under Pillow Tanks
  • Containment for Large Machinery
  • Spill Prevention
  • Area Containment on Industrial Floors
  • Construction Sites Spill Control
  • Fast Response to Leaks
  • Frac Tank Liners

Spill Containment Berms

imageOne of the most popular options for secondary spill containment are our secondary containment berms. Made from robust and reliable containment liners, these berms will typically feature one of the following designs:

  • Aluminum Angle Wall Berm
  • Foam Wall Berm
  • Aluminum Angle Side Wall
  • Foam Wall End Berms

Aluminum angle berms can be perfect for containment that requires increased wall heights, while foam wall berms are ideal for containment of portable items, such as frac tanks, tankers, vehicles and other types of machinery. These berms are often built from hydrocarbon-resistant fabrics that allow for short contact with liquids such as oil, fuel, chemicals and other harmful materials.

While each page will feature standard sizing for each specific berm model, these products are extremely flexible and can be built to almost any sizing requirement.

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Questions About Secondary Containment.

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