Emergency Water Storage Tank

Folding Frame Water Tanks

folding frame tankThe folding frame tank is a reliable liquid storage and containment tank that features a flexible frame design that can be quickly put up and implemented in emergency situations. Their strong, reliable sides and light weight materials are designed to easily fold into place for fast filling with water or containment underneath a leaking tank. Frame tanks have been been used in fire fighting jobs, relief efforts, and spill cleanup.

Fabric Types

Medium Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 22 oz. Material
  • Short Term Relief Efforts
  • Economical
  • Chemicals & Water
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 1 year
Commercial Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 30 oz. Material
  • Extended Relief Efforts
  • Chemicals & Water
  • Medium Fabric Thickness
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    3 to 5 years
Industrial Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 33 oz. Material
  • Rugged for Tough Area Conditions
  • Thickest, Most Rigid Fabrics
  • Compatible for Chemicals & Water
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 7 years

The emergency frame tank can be folded up for quick transportation in time sensitive situations. Once you have arrived to your location, these tanks can be quickly unfolded and put into use. Their ability to provide a strong outer wall while still remaining flexible has made them a favorite for relief efforts, fire fighters, and oil spill cleanup.

Frame tanks are typically made with either a steel or aluminum outer container. Steel frames are more robust for stationary or demanding conditions, while the aluminum material is more light weight.

Gallons Deployed Size Single Folded Double Folded (optional) Steel Frame (Weight lbs.) Aluminum Frame (Weight lbs.)
500 5'8"x5'8"x29" 7"x5'8"x29" 16"x2'11"x20" 90 68
750 7'x7'x29" 7"x7'x29" 16"x3'7"x29" 97 79
1000 8'3"x8'3"x29" 7"x8'3"x29" 16"x4'3"x29" 116 96
1500 10'3"x10'3"x29" 7"x10'3"x29" 16"x5'3"x29" 138 109
2100 11'3"x11'3"x29" 7"x11'3"x29" 16"x5'9"x29" 154 124
2500 12'3"x12'3"x29" 7"x12'3"x29" 16"x6'3"x29" 169 135
3000 13'3"x13'3"x29" 7"x13'3"x29" 16"x6'9"x29" 185 149
3500 14'3"x14'3"x29" 7"x14'3"x29" 16"x7'3"x29" 205 167
4000 15'3"x15'3"x29" 7"x15'3"x29" 16"x7'9"x29" 223 178
5000 11'3"x11'3"x29" 7"x17'3"x29" 16"x8'9"x29" 269 215

How The Collapsible Frame Tank has been Used

Fire Fighting/Relief Efforts
During forest or wild wires, having an emergency water storage tank can be crucial to putting out the fires and and quickly supplying fire equipment. Capable of being unfolded in minutes, these tanks provide large capacity water storage in an economical, portable container. These tanks are often used to store water while water trucks move out for additional supplies.

Aqua Farming
Frame tanks can also be used in aqua farming applications or as a temporary fish storage tank while larger tanks are being cleaned. Their open top and large capacity design makes them easy to fill with water and fish for long-term or temporary storage.

Decontamination and Cleaning
Flexible folding tanks have also been used in many decontamination and cleaning efforts. Walls for these tanks are typically supported by metal frames that helps to ensure stability while in use. Their wide inner structure makes them easy for boom cleanup, equipment decontamination, decon showers and even cleaning jobs.