Water Transport Bags

Portable Drinking Water Containers

Water transport bags are portable drinking water containers with handles that can be used for transportation or stationary storage. These portable water storage bags can be built in a capacity of 5 gallons and feature a handle for personal transportation. As with all our collapsible tanks, these bags can be easily folded up when not in use.

Fabric Types

Medium Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 22 oz. Material
  • Economical Drinking Water Storage and Transportation
  • Light Weight Materials
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 1 year
Commercial Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 30 oz. Material
  • Extended Relief Efforts
  • Medium Fabric Thickness for more Demanding Conditions
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    3 to 5 years
Industrial Grade Fabric

  • Typically uses a 33 oz. Material
  • Rugged for Tough Locations
  • Thickest, Most Rigid Fabrics
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 7 years

These collapsible water storage bags are often used as a personal drinking water supply tank for hiking trips, emergency situations, or military operations. Focused on safety and reliability, all handi bags have been built with materials that have been approved for contact with potable water.

Their easy-to-use handle and flexible construction makes them ideal for a wide range of applications that require portability for small capacities of water.


Capacities Available

Minimum Order

5 gallons Minimum Order of 10

Approved for drinking water.

Handle included for portability.

All water containers are designed to add an increased level of portability to your drinking water storage. Bags feature a collapsible design and can be folded up and placed on shelves or under seats until needed use.

If higher capacities are needed, pillow or bladder tanks can also be made in capacities of 10, 20, 50 or 100 gallons for emergency water storage.

See How The Collapsible Drinking Water Bag has been Used:

portable water bagPersonal Liquid Storage: Constructed from flexible fabric that can be folded up when not use, these water bags are a favorite for personal business or residential liquid storage. They have often been used as a way to store potable water for water outages, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

portable water bagsMilitary Operations: With a major focus on portability, these portable water storage bags have also been used to help supply needed water during military operations. Smaller capacity bags can be personally transported as an individual drinking water supply tanks.


transportation bagsHiking or Camping Trips: When travelling to locations where water is scarce or hard to find, having a portable water supply can be a huge asset. Many people have used some of these smaller tanks to place in backpacks for hiking or camping trips. They have also been placed in RV's, trucks, and other vehicles for movement in rural areas.

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