Secondary Containment Tanks

Secondary Spill Containment Tanks and Berms

Secondary Containment tanks and berms are for control of spills from products. Open top tanks are often designed in an onion style for quick placement under spills as they occur. Berms allow items to be stored directly on them as a precaution that they may leak or spill. A closed collapsible pillow tank can be of use for draining liquids collected in a secondary containment product without having to move it. In some products, a bladder is attached for extra capacity and easy disposal on contents. Below is a brief description of the advantages for each type of product, along with a link for more information on the product.

Product Types

Onion Tank
Ultra Containment Berms:
Aluminum Angle Foam wall Drive through

  • onion tankSelf-Rising
  • Open Top for Easy Filling
  • Used for Decon Pool
  • High or Low Side Models
  • Lies Flat when Empty
  • Foam Collar
  • collapsible tankDecontamination Pools
  • Compatible with Several Liquids
  • Tank, Leak, Spill Containment
  • Custom Sizing
  • Low Profiles
  • Long Term Storage
Frame Tank
Collapsible Tank
  • onion tankSelf-Rising
  • Easily Unfold
  • Fast Response Situations
  • Decontamination
  • Tank or Drum Containment
  • Compatible with Several Liquids
  • collapsible tankFlexible Designs
  • Wide Range of Storage Capacities
  • Compatible with Several Liquids
  • UV Resistant
  • Stored in Hot and Cold Temperatures
  • Low and High Profiles


With multiple fabrics and tank materials, these containment tanks and berms are some of the most versatile storage or response units available. Their flexible designs help the tank fit in small areas under leaking pipes, machinery, and other equipment. Since these tanks and berms are typically lighter in weight, they are easier to move when unexpected leaks or spills occur. For additional containment options, please check out our Secondary Spill Containment section.

See How The Secondary Containment Tank Has Been Used

Seconday containmentContainment Under Tanks: Available with materials that contain a high resistance to outdoor conditions, hydrocarbons, and other contaminated materials, the open top containment tanks have a low profile for placement under large pipes, machines, or even vehicles. Tanks can be built with thicker walls for reliable containment.

containment tanksStorage: Some of the pillow tanks are also used as a temporary storage tank for oil spill products, grey water, or even chemical storage. These storage tanks keep a low profile and can hold as much as 210,000 gallons. Secondary Containment Berms and Liners are recommended for added containment.

containment tankDecontamination: Onion tanks are also a great choice for decontamination of booms, suits, skimmers and other oil spill cleanup equipment. These tanks can be built with higher sides for increased containment of liquids or larger materials.