Flexible Water Tanks

Flexicube Water Tanks

flexible water tanksFlexible Water Tanks are constructed in a cube design to help fit in areas with limited floor space. As opposed to the standard pillow tank, these units feature higher walls for high profile tank storage. The Flexi Cube has a standard squared cube design for alternative temporary or long-term liquid storage in a fixed area.

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Flexible Cube Product Types

Medium Grade Fabric

Commercial Grade Fabric

Industrial Grade Fabric

  • Temporary or Short-Term Storage
  • Economical Construction
  • Higher Flexibility
  • Typically uses a 22 oz. Material
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 1 year
  • Standard Liquid Storage
  • Short or Long Term Storage
  • Medium Fabric Thickness
  • Typically uses a 30 oz. Material
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    3 to 5 years
  • Long-Term Storage
  • Thickest, Most Rigid Material
  • Great for Demanding Conditions
  • Typically uses a 33 oz. Material
  • Recommended Contact Time:
    Up to 7 years

The flexi cube uses the same dependable fabrics as the collapsible pillow tank, but shapes the tank in a cube design to help fit in areas that have a limited amount of floor space. These tanks have been used in both indoor and outdoor locations for the storage of liquids such as water, rainwater, grey water, and more.

Flexi Cube Sizing

Sizing of the flexi cube is determined on what application it is being used for and can be custom sized. Please contact us for more information on desired dimensions of the flexicube.

Technical Specifications

Contact Times

Flexi cube tanks can have a contact time that can range between 1 to 7 years. The material used, weather conditions,type of fuel contents and care of the tank determines the exact time the tank will last.


Standard fittings are a 3/4"-2" standard bulkhead. 4"-6" are available upon request. Camlock or threaded fittings are used to accommodate the fuel hoses. These can be mad out of aluminum, stainless steel and polypropylene. Ball valves, pressure relief vent with flame arrestors are made to specifications.

Flexicube Applications

cube tankDrinking Water Storage: Manufactured with the same potable materials as our drinking water pillow tanks, the flexi cube can be built to store drinking water materials around or outside of your site. These cubes can offer you large capacity liquid storage in a tank that will not take up all your floor space.

Grey Water Storage: The flexible cube tank can be used to store types of grey water such as unfiltered water for supply to fire sprinklers, lawn sprinklers, or even laundromats. Their unique design helps them to fit in somewhat uniquely sized storage locations.

Rainwater Collection: As with many of our tanks, the flexi cube tank is perfect for rainwater collection from downspout filters and other piping devices.

Military Liquid Storage: The Lifeliner CUBE storage can be used for military fuel and water reserves. They help to resupply small bases with potable water and diesel fuel. The NSN numbers are: FUEL, CONTAINER UNITIZED BULK EQUIPMENT (CUBE) NSN: 1670-01-598-5071 and there is also the WATER, CONTAINER UNITIZED BULK EQUIPMENT (CUBE) NSN: 1670-01-598-5067.

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