Collapsible Water Storage Tanks

Pillow Tank Water Storage

Question: I am interested in your pillow tank water storage product and have some questions about a quote I received. In addition to pricing for the tank, I have also received pricing for a ground cover. What is the life span of one of these collapsible tanks? How much ground prep is needed for these tanks? Is the ground cover essential?

collapsible tanksAnswser: Thank you for your interest in our product! While flexible in their design and construction, all Collapsible Water Tanks are meant to be durable and long-lasting in terms of their use. Different tank fabrics tend to have different life spans depending on the thickness of
the material and/or outdoor storage conditions. Typically with regards to our tank fabrics, each unit is listed with a rated contact time, not a life span.

Collapsible Tank Contact Times

The contact time for a collapsible tank is the rated point of time in which a tank fabric may begin to change, based on weathering, liquids and other storage factors. It is not intended to act as a lifespan, but rather a designated point in which fabric may begin to change. Life spans for the tank have lasted well beyond their rated contact time.

A contact time for tank can vary depending on the thickness of the fabric, weathering issues, and several additional features. Standard contact times have included:

  • Medium Grade Fabric: Up to 1 year
  • Commercial Grade Fabric: 3 to 5 years
  • Industrial Grade Fabric: Up to 7 years

Ground Covers and Prep Times

Regardless of your tank size, a ground cover is typically recommended to help protect the tank against abrasion and weathering. Ground covers are usually made from a vinyl or PVC fabric and are designed to act as a protective barrier between the tank and the ground. This can be helpful, regardless of your location, in increasing the life span of your tank.

tank with ground clothRequired preparations for pillow tank water storage products can vary based on storage location and outside conditions. Some general preparations advised for all projects include:

  • Clearing the Ground Area of Sharp Objects
  • Levelling the Ground
  • Removing Potentially Obtrusive Objects

Other preparations have included digging holes and embankments for storing tanks. Learn More.