Collapsible Pillow Tank Overview

Collapsible Liquid Storage Tanks

The Collapsible Tank is a versatile stationary storage system designed to help you store drinking water, rain water, grey water, or fuel. Flexible collapsible tanks are shipped to you empty, allowing you to easily install the tank in your location. To meet your liquid requirements, collapsible tanks have been designed with an inner coating that is compatible with the type of liquid you need to store.

Tank Options

Drinking Water Tanks
Non-Potable Water Tanks
Fuel Storage Tanks
  • NSF Compatible Coating
  • Safely Store Potable Water

  • Used for:
  • Residential Storage
  • Emergency Relief Efforts
  • Military Deployment
  • Rural Locations
  • Construction Sites
  • Designed for Aqueous Material
  • Reliable Fabric Materials

  • Use for:
  • Rainwater Collection
  • Construction Sites
  • Oil and Mining Operations
  • Fracking Fluid Storage
  • Waste Water Storage
  • Fuel Compatible Coating
  • Rugged for Reliable Fuel Storage

  • Used for:
  • Construction Sites
  • Mining Operations
  • Military
  • Rural Fuel Storage
  • Relief after a Disaster

Flexible Pillow Tanks

pillow tank

Pillow tanks for static storage come in sizes up to 250,000 gallons (1 million liters). This large capacity range allows you to easily find the collapsible tank that will meet your storage requirements. Each collapsible tank is designed in three different grades of material to help meet your climate, location or liquid storing specifications.

The collapsible tank is made from highly dependable materials that hold up to demanding temperatures, sunlight exposure, and other environments. Their ability to be stored in both hot and cold climates has made them equipped for both indoor and outdoor storage. If you do choose to store you tank in an outdoor location, please make sure that the area you choose is level, free from glass or sharp objects, and properly cleared for storage.

For added tank protection, it is often recommended that Berms, Liners, or cloths be placed under the tanks to help protect the unit. Most of the sizes for the pillow tank are completely self supporting, but berms can help add another layer of support to your storage locations.

For Sizing and Specifications, View Pillow Tanks Typical Sizing and Specifications

See How The Pillow Tank has been Used:

drinking water pillow tanksDrinking Water Storage: The collapsible tank for drinking water is frequently used for both long-term and temporary water storage. These tanks can be shipped quickly to your location, allowing them to be implemented as an emergency relief effort.


grey water collapsible tanksNon-Potable Water Storage: Many people also choose to use these flexible tanks for non-potable water storage. This can mean anything from unfiltered rainwater collection to brine water for mining operations. In addition to aqueous compatibility, these tanks can be built in a low-profile design to fit in smaller locations.


flexible fuel tanksFuel Storage: Bladder tanks can also be made with inner coatings that can handle the nature of fuel materials. These fuel pillow tanks offer large capacities to supply industries with fuel for machinery, equipment or buildings. They have been used for rural areas, construction sites, and other businesses.

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