Ground Cloth for Pillow Tanks

Pillow Tank Ground Cloth

Question: I am looking for info on ground cloths for tanks. I see you have these on your site, but I was ground cloths for tankswondering if there was any additional information about them (sizing, etc.)? How are they used with the collapsible pillow tank?

Answer: The ground cloth is an easily transported liner material often placed under items, such as tanks, aboveground pools, or tents. This liner fabric can be made from a variety of different fabric material, such as PVC or vinyl. This helps it provide a strong and reliable barrier between your storage item and ground of your location.

Ground Cloth Example Specifications

Like many of the products on our site, the ground cloth is a highly flexible material that can be adapted to meet your location's requirements. Some examples of typical specifications you might find on this liner include:

  • Fabrics: PVC or Vinyl
  • Thickness: 10 oz., 18 oz., 22 oz., or 30 oz.

Sizing: The sizing of a ground cloth is highly dependent on your storage area and the items you are attempting to contain. In general, these cloths are usually specified to create an oversized perimeter around your stored items. A typical example of this type of perimeter would include a cloth that forms at least a 1 foot border around your entire tank or storage item.

Use with a Collapsible Pillow Tank

Ground cloths can serve a couple of different purposes, but their usual goal is to provide a level of protection for both your storage item and the ground. When used with items such as the collapsible pillow tank, a ground cloth placed under this tank can help stabilize the area and increase the lifespan of your tank. Since these ground cloths are designed to be economical, they are an easy way to add extra protection to your storage item.

While these ground cloths for tanks have been used to add a layer to the ground area, they are typically aluminum angle berm not advised if you are looking for some form of secondary containment. While a cloth will protect the ground temporarily, it is not designed to contain liquids. If you are looking for a containment item, you might consider products such as the Secondary Containment Berm. These items feature a liner with built-in walls to help contain liquid materials.

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