Flexi Tank

Flexible Liquid Tanks

The Flexi Tank is one the most economical forms of bulk liquid transportation. This system uses a flexible tank and places it inside a 20 foot transportation container. This container (filled with any non hazardous liquid) is then shipped to your designated location.

Standard flexitanks can store up to 24,000 liters (or approximately 6,340 gallons) of liquid for transportation. Saving you in costs, these large capacity storage tanks are shipped to your loading dock folded up and empty. This minimizes freight costs to your location while still giving you the necessary liquid storage capacity.


Fabric Types

Medium Grade Fabric
  • Typically uses a 22 oz. Material
  • Short Term Liquid Transportation
  • Higher Flexibility
  • Economical Liquid Transport
  • Recommended Contact Time: Up to 1 year
Commercial Grade Fabric
  • Typically uses a 30 oz. Material
  • Medium Duty Liquid Transport
  • Standard Materials for Oils, Water and other Food Grade Items
  • Recommended Contact Time: 3 to 5 years
Industrial Grade Fabric
  • Typically uses a 33 oz. Material
  • Thickest, Most Rigid Fabrics
  • Rugged for Demanding Liquids
  • Some Fabrics Reusable
  • Recommended Contact Time: Up to 7 years

These portable collapsible tanks can be used for any non-hazardous liquid including potable water, wines, food grade oils, juices, and non-hazardous chemicals. Each flexitank is built with a material that can comply with your local regulatory agency (European, US, etc.). This helps to safely transport your materials with high quality and care.


Disposable Tanks
22 oz. Oil Based, Food Quality
23 oz. Water Based, Food Quality
22 oz. Water Based, Non-Food Quality
18 oz. Water Based, Non-Food Quality
18 oz. Oil Based, Food Quality
Reusable Tanks
30 oz. Water/Oil Based PU, Food Quality
32 oz. Oil Based PU, Food Quality
33 oz. Water Based PU, Food Quality
30 oz. Water/Oil Based Alloy



Standard fittings for flexitanks in 20 ft. containers include:

  • 50 mm center vent with non-pressure relief cap
  • 50 mm fill/drain port with elbow
  • 50 mm ball valve terminating in a quick connect Camlock end
  • Dust cap


Other Available Fittings Include:

  • 75 mm fill/drain port
  • 75 mm hose and end caps
  • 2.5" BSP hose ends
  • 75 mm valves
  • Pressure relief caps, drain ports, wash ports


Regardless of your tank material or application, all flexi tanks require care in handling. Each 20 foot container used for the storage of these materials must be prepared and ready to support this kind of storage tank. Preparation materials can include 125 ft. of single face corrugated paper, bulkhead set, and optional envelope liner. Most of the these materials can be purchased locally.

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How These Flexitanks have been Used

bulkhead for flexitankFlexitanks in 20 ft. Containers: Standard flexi tanks are made for use in 20 foot containers so materials can be transported swiftly and economically. Typically the type of liquids used in these tanks include food products such as oils and wines, or fine grade oils. Tanks are built specifically to comply with the product you need to ship.

Standard tanks come with a 50 mm center vent with non-pressure relief cap, 50 mm fill/drain port with elbow, and 50 mm ball valve resulting in a standard male quick connect Camlock end and dust cap.


flexitank in large containerFlexible Tanks in 40 ft. Box Container or Trailers: For extra large storage requirements, flexible tanks are also made for use in 40 foot box containers or trailers. These larger tank do not require the use of bulkhead and can transport products to the maximum weight load available in your portable unit.