Portable Tanks for Pickup Trucks

Portable Drinking Water Tanks

Question: Is there such a thing as a collapsible pickup truck tank? I am looking to move small amounts of drinking water in the back of my pickup truck and was wondering if there was any tank that would allow me to move water through this method?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! While our flexible storage tanks are able to be transported when they are empty, they are not typically designed for transportation purposes. Smaller items such as the Portable Water Bags can be transported, but apart from these, collapsible tanks will not typically be transported when they are full.


Pickup Truck Tanks

pickup truck tanksIf you do specifically require a tank that can be transported via pickup truck, we do offer a Portable Pickup Tank in 210, 325, and 425 gallon capacities to help move water and liquids from one location to the next. These portable tanks feature a high-resistance polyethylene exterior and FDA approved resin to allow successful transportation for these materials.


  • Unique Design for Low Profile Liquid Transport
  • Sizing Options: 210, 325, and 425 gallons
  • Resin Complies with FDA Requirements

When compared to a collapsible or flexible storage tanks, these units can offer several advantages specifically designed to help liquid transportation. Advantages have included the following:

  • Rigid Exterior Holds up to Highway Bumps During Transport
  • Low Profile
  • Specific Shape for Moving Bulk Liquids
  • High UV Resistance
  • High Resistance to Rust & Corrosion

For more information on this tank and how it has been used, check out Pickup Truck Tanks.

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