Jet Fuel Storage Tanks

Collapsible Jet Fuel Storage Tanks

Question: I am looking for a collapsible fuel bladder tank to store 20,000 gallons of Jet Fuel. I am wondering if your fuel bladder tanks can handle this type of fuel? Also I am interested in the fittings. I would need a 4" connection, do you supply this?

Answer: The Flexible Fuel Tank is an excellent choice for the application described and is often used for bulk storage of Jet A and various other aviation fuels. In general, fuel compatible collapsible tanks are equipped to handle non-aromatic fuels, such as diesel fuel, jet fuel, and oil.


Pillow Tank Fittings

collapsible fuel bladder tanksAs its name describes, the collapsible tank is a highly flexible unit adaptable to multiple storage locations, fitting requirements, and connection options. As a standard, most collapsible tanks are built with ball valves, pressure relief vents, and caps.

Our standard fitting size ranges between 3/4" through 2", although larger fitting requirements can also be accommodated. Fittings between 4" and 6" are also available to meet the requirements of your facility.

In addition, fittings have also included camlock, storz, or threaded adapters for quick connection to hoses. Optional fittings can include any of the following:

  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Emergency Plugs
  • Ports
  • Repair Kits & Operational Spare Parts


Flexible Fuel Tank Specifications

When used for storing fuel, tanks are typically equipped with an inner material compatible with fuels, chemicals, and hydrocarbons. These materials often include a polyurethane or
urethane fabric.

For a capacity of 20,000 gallons, storage tanks have featured the following dimensions: 32 feet in length, 25 feet in width, and 3.5 feet in height (32' L x 25' W x 3.5' H). If you are looking for bulk fuel storage, several of these tanks may be added together to form a fuel farm or depot style setup. Tanks have also been connected to fuel lines.


Secondary Containment

Any time you are storing fuel, secondary containment is often advised to help keep your site safe in the event of a leak or spill. Secondary containment for collapsible fuel bladder tanks have included secondary containment berms and liners.