About Collapsible Pillow Tank

Sold by One Clarion also known as Portable Tank Group, Inc.

Storage and Containment Choices for All your Liquid Needs

Collapsible Pillow Tank is an international company that strives to provide you with multiple containers for safely storing, containing, and controlling your liquids. While other companies can only offer portable tanks based on one material or design, we offer tanks made from various materials, shapes, and sizes to help best meet your needs.

Our Philosophy

Collapsible Pillow Tank believe that finding the best liquid storage option requires a wide range of choices and models. While we offer many tanks with standard sizes and materials for every day use, we also aim to meet the needs of those larger or unique storage requirements through custom manufacturing.

Every liquid storage need requires a tank with the liner, inner material, compatible fabric or outer strength capable of handling your liquids. For this reason, we personally asses every individual request to provide the best, most accurate storage options.

What Makes Us Different?

portable tank teamWe focus on liquid storage so we can provide our customers with many different options for storing, containing, and controlling their liquid. We knew that liquid storage often requires flexibility and strict compatibility with your material. For this reason, we aimed to make our product selection as versatile and flexible as possible.

Tanks on our site are not made from one standard material, but feature a wide range of materials including polyethylene, steel, fiberglass, polyurethane and Polymer Alloy. Many of these materials can then be matched with a compatible liner to fit the type of liquid containment or storage you wish to achieve.

This kind of versatility not only provides you with more options, but also gives you more assurance in what you are purchasing. Storing volatile liquids, such as oil, fuel, gas, and chemicals, can eat away at a tank if its not properly equipped to handle these items. That's why when we know you are storing this type of liquid, we make sure the storage tank you receive is either naturally compatible with your liquid or lined with the proper material.

We also know that even the storage of water can be a complex assignment. One tank designed for the storage of grey water does not mean that is also capable of being used for drinking water. This is why instead of requiring you to take the chance that a storage tank is right for you, we work with you to inform you about Collapsible Pillow Tank product qualities and make sure the storage container you choose can safely store your liquid.

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What Benefits Does This Mean for You?

As opposed to companies that only supply products, Collapsible Pillow Tank offers you flexibility and more choices. We don't want to provide you with a product that partially meets your needs we want to provide you with one that meets all your requirements and then some. When you work with us, you are working with an international sales, marketing and manufacturing team committed to finding a storage & containment option that matches your exact requirements.

If we encounter a storage request that is unique or has special specifications, we consult with our experts and manufacturers for you to find a storage option that can meet your demands. Finding a tank that better fits your location or the type of material you need to store, often means finding a tank that will last longer and keep your materials safer.

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What Product Choices Do We Offer?

team discussing portable tanksLearning about Collapsible Pillow Tank product variety can help you realize your storage potential. Our storage tank variety is intended to meet several demands at once, so you have more options for your liquid storage needs.

We offer you a material selection that can handle contact with any liquid ranging from drinking water over chemicals to fuel. We also offer you more than one way to store the same liquid. This means that you can take your cost, space, transportation/set-up time or environmental restrictions and find an option that stays within those means.

  • Collapsible Tanks, Bladders, and Bags: The collapsible tank is one of our best flexible liquid storage options. As a non-rigid structure, this tank is easy to ship and can fit in many locations that a firm container could not. It is made from several different materials including E PVC Coated, Polyurethane, and Polymer Alloy. It can also be lined to hold fuel, oil, drinking water, grey water, waste water and more.
  • Steel Tank: A standard steel can provide you with a durable structure for a more permanent storage option. These tanks can again be lined to allow compatibility with drinking water, grey water, and more.
  • Polyethylene Tank: The polyethylene tank is a standard tank used to store many chemicals such as pesticides and pharmaceutical items, water types including drinking water, and septic waste. Most tanks are made with a singe piece of polyethylene removing the need for seams.
  • Fiberglass Tanks: Some of our customers choose fiberglass as alternative to polyethylene. Made with an equal amount of compatibility with water and chemicals, fiberglass is an inert material that does not have a continuous reaction to substances it come into contact with.
  • Quick Erect & Folding Frame Tanks: These tank types are flexible storage options that are perfect for placement under larger machinery or equipment. As a quick erect unit, these tanks rise as they a filled with liquid. This makes the idea for secondary containment & decontamination as they will stay out of your way until the need to be used. Their quick and easy set-up also makes them perfect for fire fighting efforts in rural areas, biofuel needs, and aqua-farming applications.
  • Spill Berms: Spill Berms are low-to-the-ground tanks that are designed to for a barrier around your truck, equipment or machinery. They offer a high level of strength and many are designed as drive-through units allowing customers to easily place containment around and under their items.
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What Are Common Uses for These Tanks?

successful storage tank saleWe have worked hard to know everything about Collapsible Pillow Tank products to help customers find a wide range of uses for our flexible tanks. Since they offer compatibility with many different materials, several of our tanks can be used for the same type of liquid storage. Here's a quick guide to help you learn about Collapsible Pillow Tank Product Uses:

  • Frac Storage: Fracking storage requires a tank that is long-lasting and durable. We offer the industry standard steel frac tank with smooth interiors for quick cleanout. As an alternative, we also offer a collapsible frac tank that can store larger quantities of water in one tank.
  • Secondary Containment: When learning about Collapsible Pillow Tank secondary containment, many customers on our site our looking for a flexible and economical way to contain oil & other hazardous materials on their site. We offer many options for achieving this goal including our quick erect onion tanks and self-rising foam tanks.
  • Fuel Storage: Many customers use our collapsible fuel bladders and blivets to store necessary fuel in military operations or relief operations around the world. These storage bladders are easy to set up, transport and can store larger quantities.
  • Drinking Water Storage: With an increase in natural disasters and droughts, having drinking water in home, business, or facility can be essential. We offer many different drinking water options including FDA approved poly and fiberglass tanks, portable water storage bags with a 15 liter (4 gallon) capacity, large bladders made with NSF 61 and FDA compliant fabric, and steel storage tanks made with appropriate liners.
  • Chemical Storage: We offer a wide selection of poly and fiberglass tanks for the storage of chemicals. Many choose some of these styles for agricultural purposes (such as storing fertilizers and pesticides, while also choose to store pharmaceutical or items for chemicals mixing.
  • Rain Water Collection: Several of our tanks have been put to use as cisterns or rainwater collection units. Our bladder tanks with liners have the low-profile to fit in your basement, while poly tanks have the strong outer shell for use in outdoor locations. We also provide a steel rainwater harvesting tank & system for complete reuse of collected water and fiberglass cistern tank for use outdoors.
  • Waste and/or Grey Water Storage: Steel, Fiberglass, Polyethylene and Multiple Bladders are available for safe forms of waste or grey water storage. Browsing through these products and learning about Collapsible Pillow Tank's product variety can help you choose the tank that will best fit your location.

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