5,000 Gallon Water Tank

Potable Water Pillow Tanks

Question: I am looking for a 5,000 gallon pillow tank to safely store potable water. I am mostly concerned about the size of the tank. My location does not have very large spacing in terms of height, maybe 3 feet. Is it possible to have a tank this large that is still able to fit in this type of height restricted space? What kind of spacing would I require?

Answer: A great option for height restricted locations is a Collapsible Water Tank. These tanks are specifically designed for low profile bulk storage and have been known to store has much as 9,000 gallons in a single tank, while still only requiring a height of three feet.


5,000 Gallon Water Tank Model

drinking water tanksThe 5,000 gallon pillow tank is an economical storage unit frequently implemented in storing drinking water and other water storage materials. These units are available in a standard size that would remain below three feet (3'). Sizing would be as follows:

  • Lengths: 16, 17, or 18 feet
  • Widths: 16 or 17 feet
  • Height: 2.5 feet

The sizing for your unit will tend to vary depending on the specific fabric used on the tank. As the fabrics increase in thickness, their widths and lengths may vary slightly to accommodate the fabric. All sizing options can be found on the Collapsible Water Tanks Specification Page.

Material Options

grey water tanksMaterial or fabric options for these tanks come in many options, with the standard materials choices being as follows:

  • Medium Grade: 22 oz. Material
    • This is typically used for short term water storage or storage in non-demanding locations.
  • Commercial Grade: 30 oz. Material
    • This pillow tank material is a medium term fabric and is commonly used for standard water storage.
  • Industrial Grade: 33 oz. Material
    • This is the strongest material option and is used for demanding conditions or long term storage. Thicker fabrics are also used for large capacity tanks to help support the weight of the amount of liquid you are storing.

If you will be using this 5,000 gallon pillow tank for drinking water storage, your tank will also include a liner material that is equipped to handle drinking water. This will include a fabric that is FDA and NSF 61 approved.