Flexible Rainwater Collection Tanks

5,000 Gallon Rainwater Storage Tank

Question: I am looking for a 5,000 gallon cistern. I was looking at your pillow tanks and I was wondering if these could be used as some kind of flexible rainwater collections tanks? Do your collapsible tanks work for this purpose? Can they be placed underground?

Collapsible Tanks for Rainwater Collection

Answer: The collapsible tanks are an excellent choice for the type of storage you require. These tanks are made in storage capacities anywhere from 1 to 210,000 gallons and can be used to store all types of water, including rainwater.

Depending on the application, rainwater collection tanks typically include two different tank types:

  1. flexible rainwater collection tanksDrinking Water Tanks: Many customers choose the drinking water tank option for rainwater collection. Using this tank will basically provide you with collapsible tank that is lined with an FDA and NSF 61 approved liner.

    This will help ensure the tank does not cause harm to your storage if used specifically for drinking water. Please note that if you are intending to reuse rainwater for drinking water purposes, filters and other water purification methods should be taken prior to drinking.

  2. Grey Water Tanks: The grey water tank is another favorite for rainwater storage. These tanks are approved for the storing various water types including rainwater, frac water, and more. If you are collecting rainwater, these tanks can be used to store rainwater that will later be used for utilities, sprinkler systems, and other non-drinking water applications.


Placement of a Flexible Rainwater Tank

rainwater collection tanksFlexible rainwater collection tanks can be used in wide range of storage locations. They cannot, however, but buried in an underground location. Due to their design, tanks are not equipped to handle the pressure that underground storage would put on them. The storage tanks can be placed in embankments or other underground locations where they will not be pressured such as:

  • Under a Front Deck
  • In a Basement
  • Crawl Spaces

Many customers have also placed tanks, such as the 5,000 gallon cistern, in an above ground location near the house. Here, tanks can be connected to downspouts to collect rainwater flowing from the roof or gutter systems.

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