20,000 Gallon Collapsible Pillow Tanks

Collapsible Tanks for Project

Question: I need several 20,000 gallon collapsible tanks for a project I am working on. I require 3 or 4 tanks that can store grey water and 2 or 3 tanks that can store fuel. I will be using these tanks for various projects and storage requirements. Are these tanks multi-purpose? How easy are these tanks to set up and move around? How will they arrive at my site?

Answer: Thank you for contacting us! The collapsible tank is an excellent choice for various collapsible pillow tanktypes of liquids. These tanks have been used to store several different liquid materials including the following:

  • Drinking Water
  • Grey Water including frac fluids, process water, production water, and various other black or grey water applications
  • Fuel including Diesel Fuel


In general, most Storage Tanks are designed with a fabric specifically compatible with a single liquid it is attempting to store. For instance, the fabrics used on our drinking water have an additional coating to make them FDA and NSF 61 approved, while our fuel tanks use tougher fabrics to meet the demands of fuel storage.

Depending on your specific requirements, we may be able to quote you on a tank fabric equipped to handle both fuels and grey water. If this type of material is not available, we can also quote you separate tank fabrics, one for grey water options and one for diesel fuel.

Setup and Arrival

One of the best advantages of these pillow tanks is their ability to be easily moved and installed on your location. When they arrive to your location, tanks will either be folded up and placed in boxes or rolled up and shipped to your locations. Shipping can change based on site specific requirements.

Once it arrives at your site, tanks only need be unfolded then quickly setup on your location.

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