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Fuel Tanks for Tank Farm Style Storage

Question: I am looking into the idea of a fuel pillow tank farm. I am specifically interested in the idea of using these tanks for storing different types of fuel as a kind of alternative to the standard tank farm. Is there any information on the longevity of these tanks? If the tanks were housed in a protective covered area, would they have an
increased longevity?

Answer: tank farm fuel pillow tankFuel Bladder Tanks can be used in a tank farm style setup and are a great choice for fast setup, decreased transportation, and large storage capacities. In general, the longevity of your tank will depend on several different factors including the storage space, outdoor conditions and type of liquid you
are intending to contain.

Tank Fabrics

farm tankPillow tanks offered on this site are typically made from either a medium grade, commercial grade, or industrial grade fabric. Each fabric corresponds to a general contact time.

The contact time is not a designed to put a life span on your tank, but rather to indicate the point in time where the fabric used for your tanks may start to change based on interactions with the stored liquid. Tanks have often lasted well beyond the contact time, but it can offer a basis for your storage requirements.

  • Medium Grade Fabric: Contact Time of up to 1 year
  • Commercial Grade Fabric: Contact Time of 3 to 5 years
  • Industrial Grade Fabric: Contact Time of up to 7 years

Housing your tanks in a type of protective cover may help to protect the exterior from wear and tear as well as several different outdoor elements. However, it will have no bearing on the interior of the tank. Specifically, it will not change the processes and changes that occur in the tank due to being in constant contact with fuel.


Bladder tanks have been successfully used as a fuel pillow tank setup for the storage of fuels. This storage is often referred to as a fuel farm setup and has been implemented in locations that require a large amount of fuel storage. Advantages to using these tanks over the standard model can include the following:

  • Increased Storage Capacities (up to 250,000 gallons)
  • Lowered Shipping and Transportation Costs (tanks fold flat when empty)
  • Fast Setup on Site
  • Large Range of Available Fittings
  • Flexible for Areas with Limited Space

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