Cistern Tank Liners

Flexible Fabric Cistern Liners

cistern tank linerBuilt as a flexible solution for rainwater storage and collection, cistern liners are made from flexible fabrics to fit or line existing cistern units. Built specifically to match the requirements and size of you existing tank, these liners can be easily attached to tanks to form an impermeable inner wall. This will work to contain water and prevent leaks from seeping out small cracks or areas on your cistern tanks.

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How do I know what Size Liner I need?

In order to size and price the best cistern liner for your existing unit, we typically ask customers to provide us with some additional information regarding their tank construction and storage needs. Information needed includes:

  • Size & Shape of your Cistern
    (example: Circular, dimensions 6' diameter and 10' high)

  • Liquid Requirements
    (Do you need the the liner to be FDA and NSF 61 approved for drinking water?)

  • Cistern Material (example: concrete, steel, etc.)

  • Piping, Plumbing or Hardware in the Location
    (Any equipment you will need the liner to work around?)

After providing us with this information, we will work to find the best sizing option and fabric material to meet the storage requirements of your location. This may include extra fabric to go over the side of the cistern or other options to help with securing the liner to the tank.

How do I Secure the Liner to the Cistern?

When looking for cistern tank liners, many customers are additionally interested in learning how to attach these liners to their tanks. Some of the most common methods used for cistern liner attachment includes the following options:

  • Banding Along the Top of the Tank (either plastic or steel)
  • Secure Banding to the Tank and the Liner through Gaskets

Customers may additionally add a geotextile fabric material between the tank and the liner. This helps to further retain water and protect the liner against any abrasion during its use.

If you have any additional questions regarding these liners and how they can be used, please don't hesitate to contact us by email: or by phone: 1-772-646-4545.

Where Can these Liners be used?

While commonly used as a containment liner for old, leaking, or existing cisterns, these tank liners can also be equipped to fit almost any tank size or containment requirement. Built using the same flexible fabrics that are used on our collapsible pillow tanks, these liners can be equipped for drinking water, production water, frac water, chemicals and even fuel. If you need a liner to fit your tank, we have an option that can meet your needs.

For use in your application, please let us know the type of liquid you will be storing in the tank and any additional requirements for use in your application.

Questions? We can help! Call our team at 1-772-646-0597 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.