Collapsible Onion Water Tanks

Question: I need some information on an open top water tank. We are especially interested in the onion tank. I am requiring a tank that I can use in my pool and spa industry to temporarily hold water while we work on cleaning pools and spas in the area. I would only need the tank to store fresh water, up to 500 gallons. Do you think that the onion tank would work for this purpose?

Anwer: The Onion Tank is an excellent option for open top water storage and is available in both a high side and low side model. Both styles are available in capacities of 500 gallons and could easily be filled and emptied for water storage. This could be achieved by placing hoses either in the top of the opening or on fittings that you have located on your tank.

Onion Tank Features

  • onion tanksHeavy Duty Foam Collar or Air Collar
  • Low or High Side Wall Model
  • Fittings
  • Low Side Tank Capacities: 250 to 10,000 gallons
  • High Side Tank Capacities: 500 to 20,000 gallons

As seen in the features above, onion tanks can feature either a high side or low side wall. Walls will depend largely on preference and are chosen based on individual needs or requirements.

Further details for each of the features can be seen below:

  • Collars: Filled collars for the onion tanks will include either a foam filled or air filled collar. The foam filled collar is a self rising tank that will rise on its own as it is filled with water. The air collar is not self-rising, and contains water successfully. Foam filled is more common.

  • Fittings: The fittings on these tanks will vary depending on the specific needs and requirements for your location. Standard fittings require a 2 1/2" female flange with your choice of adapters. Although, various other fittings may be included to meet draining or filling needs.

As an open top water tank, these units have several inherent advantages including easy access to water and fast filling. However, tanks also offer several additional advantages which will include:

  • Folds Down for Easy Transportation
  • Self Rising
  • Easy One Person Setup
  • Compact Storage Bag Available
  • Can be made from Several Fabrics

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