Pillow Tanks for Water and Fuel Storage

imageThe collapsible pillow tank is one of the most versatile and flexible storage options available for liquids ranging from potable water to fuel. Constructed from various fabrics, these tanks have been built to meet the needs and site requirements of customers around the world. Please feel free to browse through our selection of tanks listed below to find the perfect system for your location.
storage tanks

Pillow Storage Tanks

Great for gray water, frac water, potable water and emergency relief efforts.
portable tanks

Portable Tanks

Quickly collaspses for transport. Excellent for aqua farming and cleaning
secondary spill containment

Spill Containment

Use around vehicles, tanks, drums, trucks and around machinery.

What is the Collapsible Pillow Tank?

The pillow tank, also referred to as a flexible tank, collapsible tank or bladder tank, is a flexible storage container that has been used for both small and bulk liquid storage applications. Pillow collapsible tanks are fabricated using a variety of materials designed to meet your individual storage application. Each fabric option typically comes in a medium grade, commercial grade or industrial grade fabric, depending on your location's conditions and the liquid you are intending to store. These fabrics correspond to different levels of material thickness, equipping tanks for increasing storage or location demands.

What Advantages Can a Collapsible Tank offer?

When compared to other tank options, such as plastic, fiberglass, or steel, the collapsible tank offers several unique advantages:

Where has a Collapsible Tank been used?

The collapsible pillow tank is an extremely versatile and diverse tank that has been used in several different locations and applications. These tanks have been known to store various liquids including drinking water, fracking fluids, process water, construction site water, dust suppression water, rainwater and even fuel. Some locations where this tank has been used include:

Collapsible Tank Options

Each collapsible tank located on this site is designed as a flexible, collapsible structure. Collapsible tanks are offered as both stationary and portable units to meet varying storage requirements.

storage tanks
Stationary Pillow Tanks
A large majority of the collapsible tanks offered here are designed for stationary storage of fuel, water, and various other site liquids. Tanks can be moved when empty, but are not equipped to handle mobility while filled with liquids. Add details in this area about your photos. You can add more slideshows. Images are in the "slideshows" folder.

secondary containment
Secondary Containment
Regardless of your storage unit or site location, many regulations now require strict secondary containment for tanks and other storage materials. This section contains berms and liners to help protect harmful liquids from reaching the ground.

portable tanks
Mobile Tanks
Our portable water tanks are a great option for emergency water storage, fast response applications, and other jobs that require a tank that is easy to move and setup. These tanks are often used for fire fighting, spill response and other quick containment needs.